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Ruby E. Dare Library

Find Resources

There are two ways to get to the search for books and other items that are on Reserve:

Image of the search bar from Greenville University OneSearch showing where to click to search for course reserves. 1) You can research the Course Reserve search by clicking on Course Reserve from the top menu bar

2) You can also just change the type of search from within the search box by clicking on the down arrow on the far right side of the box.

Once in a Course Reserve search, you can search four different ways to find the item you are looking for:

1) Professor's name

2) Title of the Course

3) Course Code

4) Title of the book

Once you have a result set, you can see the all of the Professors and courses that were included in the search to narrow the results. 

Once you are viewing a particular item, you can see related books in that course at the bottom of the screen.

Bastian School of Theology & Religion

Briner School of Business

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Social Science and Education

Professional Studies

General Resources

Faculty Resources